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D7750 Web Conferencing Tools


District 7750 has arranged for FREE web conferencing tools that are available to District Committees as well as Clubs. This is a combination of a telephone conference call bridge plus a presenter-controlled web presentation.  Either side (phone or web) can be used independently, if appropriate.
 Important note -- If you're doing your first web conference, please work your way through this page a week ahead of time.  Presenters who wait until the last day or two to plan, test and practice generally fail at their first attempt.

  • Web Conference Instruction Files -- Presenters, Read This Section First -- Click on each of the following links, Print the pages and put them in a folder -- you'll need to refer to them several times in both setting up your web conference and actually conducting it.   
  • Presenter Tips:
    • Send out the participant Email 5-7 days in advance of the conference, so participants can check their browsers for Java compatibility
    • Send the participant Email again the morning of the conference -- avoids "dog ate my email" calls at the last minute
    • Upload your PowerPoint material to the Web Conference site 2-3 days before the Conference
    • 1-2 days before the Conference, "test drive" both the Telephone Dialin and the Web Login sides of the conference.  Have someone else log in as the "user", and practice a few frames to be sure you're familiar with all the presenter controls
    • You can use "Show Desktop" to project anything on your own desktop to all the participants -- handy for photos, Word Documents, Spreadsheets, etc.
    • Another option is the "Guest Presenter" feature -- the web conference presenter can turn over the controls to a participant, who can "drive" from his/her location

  • For Technical Support, Email:

Note that any size group can participate at a single "participant" site -- a large monitor or projector can be used, depending upon the size of the group. It may be necessary to amplify the telephone audio on the participant site.
Some pre-planning and an appropriate "technical dry run" should be included in the case of a large remote participant group

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